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Nike’s Sylvester

In case you didn’t know, high flying pro NIKE BMX biker, Nigel Sylvester hooked up with Nike 6.0 to create his first sneaker in October of 2009 and you can only imagine what someone who spends their career wearing sneakers would come up with: heat.

Leather, ostrich and croc all sharing space on one multi colored shoe made the collaboration almost impossible for sneaker lovers and BMX fans to get their hands on but those that did were instantly moved to the head of their classes.

I’ve decided to put you in the know about what you might have missed while waiting for the next pair to drop because I’m sure this is only the beginning for Nigel who continues to excel in and out of the BMX world.

If you still want to try and get your hands on a pair, try visiting Nigel’s store, “FORMAT,” located in queens and try your luck.

Tell him INK sent you 


GoldSpun: Moving At GODSPEED

Just when you thought the boys at GOLDSPUN had done it all, they’ve taken yet another lane in the fashion highway: footwear.

Introducing the “GODSPEED,” a shoe that aims to compell and inspire rather than compete in an industry that seems to thrive on the latter of the two concepts.

And their on to something – again. You can tell by the shoe’s sleek and futuristic design that the GoldSpun crew has taken notice of what else was going on in the world of footwear and added their signiture flare to it with the same mastery they bring to their apparel.

Regardless if team GoldSpun intends to compete or not – their high top, wide and elongated tongues, straps and armor-inspired colors will ensure victory for their customers this season and well into the future.

The GodSpeed is set to hit stores immideately and I’m sure they’ll be a hit. To track down the GoldSpun crew and keep up with what’s new visit


Looking Back: Elizabeth McWilliams Hernandez

In order to understand an artists progression, it’s important to take a look at their previous work. Since I’ve already shown her latest creations on the blog, I decided to take a peek at some old work by Elizabeth McWilliams Hernandez.

She allowed me access to an art book she had from back in her teenage years and having known her since we were teens, it was a pleasant journey back into our own beginnings.

But enough talking about the experience, let’s have a look 


Campbell’s Soup: An American Classic

It’s extremely cold out. Faced with weather conditions like these, there’s always one thing that comes to mind: hot soup. And when I think of soup, I think of Campbell’s – the American classic.

After taking a trip to the store I spent a little time on the web looking up old Campbell’s ads. Here are a few that I found to be particularly interesting.




There’s something uniquely inspirational about watching a work of art come to life – especially in the subway.

I spotted this artist while waiting for the L train at Union Square to take my friend (also my muse) and I over to sixth avenue. The two of us had been watching him sketch away with what seemed to be a marker on a subway map for about five minutes before he asked us to keep an eye on his stuff while he ran upstairs. Of course we obliged. A few minutes later he returned with something from Whole Foods and continued drawing. And we went about our evening as the train pulled into the station: inspired.

Now you can enjoy.


Off Broadway

One leaves the car and another walks in and bursts into song. This is the way of the underground world in New York City where the subways are filled with panhandlers of all ages and skills sets. Not a day goes by below the concrete jungle without some sort of entertainment designed to attract compensation for a short performance.

The first panhandler was an older gentleman with a huge keyboard. He apologised for interrupting and then began his routine of prerecorded melodies accompanied by a song about being unemployed and in desperate need of help. The second guy was much younger, early twenties, and walked into the subway car singing “Stand By Me.” He paused for a moment and went into a schpeel most of the younger panhandlers these days all seem to recite about trying to stay out of trouble and put a little change in their pockets. He was a terrible singer, voice cracking with just about every note he uttered so it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t make any money in this partiular car.

It all kind of makes you wonder, with the singers and musicians and candy selling basketball players and break dancers, if there’s one entity behind them all writing speeches and choreographing dance routines while collecting a percentage of a days profits from the many subway acts. It also kinds of makes you question which acts genuinely need financial help and which ones are in it solely for financial gain.

I guess in the end, especially in regards to the ones who actually put on a show, it’s all entertainment. So I guess if you enjoy, “applaud and employ.”



The Quiet Of A Mind Slipping Away

he grabs all the memories he can in both hands and races out the door, up the staircase of his imagination and onto the roof. afraid they’re vastly approaching, he hurries to the ledge and starts throwing them off. One by one they go over, speeding toward the concrete below, then finally, they touch and explode.

in a panic, he drops a few, keeps tossing the others toward a ficticious freedom then bends down to collect his breath, picking up the rest.

his first sunset. the sound of his mother’s voice. the heartbeat of his last lover. change falling and spinning round and round on table tops. cars racing by on rainy days and splashing through puddles. crickets. children at play. and silence. he remembers how beautiful nothing can sound, how it slips silently into the ear, and slides down into the stomach and makes itself comfortable and warm.

and suddenly he realizes that no one’s racing up the steps behind him. that being alone can be as beautiful as the silence if you sit still long enough to enjoy it. that the only nightmares are the one’s you let scare you into believing there’s no such thing as dreams. that every dark night must succumb to the rising of the sun. and he collects the rest of his memories and places them on his tongue —

and then he jumps


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