Half way in to 2009, after having worked in the publishing industry on the advertising and fashion director end of things for two different magazines, I decided to fly out to the City of Lost Angels to collaborate with two of my friends and launch our own online venture: THE MASHUP MAGAZINE.

Before catching my flight to LA, I worked closely with a photographer friend of mine named Damian Castro and together we shot several of our generation’s rising stars from all corners of the industry including DJ Reach, Josh Madden, Jayson Atienza, the GOLDSPUN crew, THE MONA PASSAGE and several other talented individuals.

When I landed on West Coast soil, my team and I went full speed ahead in an attempt to reach an impossible deadline we’d set as a launch date. It seemed as though we had it all figured out – I had photographer’s, stylist, artists and writers ready to go but the key element was missing: me. I wasn’t doing enough writing of my own to set the tone for my team. The project was quickly put on the backburner and eventually abandoned.

Right before the new year I decided that I had to devote every day to perfecting my craft. I knew that in order to start my own magazine I’d have to prove to the world that I was actually worth reading.

And so I decided to drown myself in my writing which means I’ve also decided to drown you –


4 Responses to “About THE INKWELL”

  1. 1 ernest
    January 26, 2011 at 5:15 am

    This is ernest rosenberg. Yo creative I love ur work. This site is crazy nice. It should be posted all over the city…:)

  2. 3 Kofi
    June 21, 2012 at 5:43 am

    Dude… I’m real Fukn impressed. ..Very.

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