When The Devil Comes A Knockin’

There’s something unnerving about the number six hundred and sixty six – especially when you find those numbers in close proximity of a Church. But there’s nothing surprising about finding the two a few feet from one another in New York City and especially when the numbers are a few doors down from the city’s most infamous Church of all: The LimeLight.

i’ve been familiar with the area since the early nineties when I was a freshman at Xavier High School and not once had I made the connection but today after seeing the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA and then running into one of my friends I graduted with back in 1997 a few blocks from our school, I noticed an apartment building numbered “666.”

The thoughts that ran through my head were rapid, especially as I stopped to take photos. Was the battle between good and evil taking place right on 6th avenue? Were the tenants of this apartment old patrons of the hedonistic nightclub that used to be a Church? Was this where the Devil lived? Did he rent or did he own? Was this intended to be a joke? A mockery?

I didn’t have time to ponder further so I took my photos and my friend and I continued on our journey. Being the comedian he is, he said it would have been funny if the two of us stood in front of the door and acted as if we were in a trance until a crowd formed around us.

Truth is, the only time I want to see three six’s is if I’m playing C-LO amd we didn’t have any dice so – maybe next time. Maybe next time.


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