@87STICKUPKIDS: Car Keys & Rabbit’s Feet

From start to finish, “Car Keys & Rabbit’s Feet” proves itself to be the 87 STICK UP KIDS’ greatest accomplishment, which speaks volumes considering the 4-man-band has already made a name for themselves on two coasts by consistently spitting the hardest rhymes, rocking crowd upon crowd, dressing well past the “nines” and chopping down the tallest trees in true hip hop fashion.

The album features production and guest appearances by: Troublemaker, Tate La Rock, Ro Blvd, Thee Mike B, Diz Gibran, Jamz F Kennedy, Alexander Spit, VeRBS, Rah Groove, Amanda Blank and Micah James!

So go to http://www.mishkanyc.bandcamp.com, “kick back, relax your mind and let your conscious be tax deductible” and be prepared to get re-introduced to your love of rap music ‘cuz these motherfuckers is straight up rappin’!






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