A picture painted black. The faded image on an ancient map. The missing pieces of a puzzle split in halves. And we, whole, the key to a future untold. Bold as print. Reworded, rewritten and sent spinning into the darkness like cigarettes tossed into a night’s wind. Breathless but still sprinting with eager intent toward a light that came and went without notice. Visions set to auto focus that shift and blurr, blending fantasy with reality, concealing dreams deferred.

And she lay awake, counting teardrops like blessings she’s neglected to take. Mother of the earth, swollen-bellied and earth quaked. False teeth, fake smiles and matching hand shakes. Footsteps frozen in place. Consciousness crippled – replaced with the simple, stifling complacencies our ancestors faught to erase.

Raise your fist and fight. Raise your pens and write. The mind you save might be your own.

I am whole.
You are whole.
We are whole….. Yet alone!


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