Floor to floor, room to room and wall to wall art makes a visit down to the South Street Seaport’s @SEAPORT gallery exhibit “OVERSTIMULATED” more than a treat.

Comprised of student and local artists, the exhibition incorporates media based and traditional art forms as well tangible, wearable creations like “cut and wear” prop mustaches.

I took a trip down to the financial to check out artist, Charlotte Cutler’s, exhibit – a tiny room she transformed into an emotional rollercoaster of drawings, personal writings and a video that took you on a ride into the mind of a young woman fighting tooth and nail to maintain her wits in the sometimes unbending world around her.

As you closed the door to the room behind you and sank into her heart and soul, you were given a glimpse into an ever shrinking world of despair and the inevitable beauty that it births as a result.

The exhibit was refreshingly amazing, offering a variety of art forms and themes and is an absolute “must see.” Supersized paper airplanes, a dangling woman’s shoe, a broken television and a artist’s workstation complete with a bed were just a few of the works that jumped out and grabbed my attention.

I took the time to capture most of the show for those of you outside of New York.

I hope you enjoy.


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