Brendan McElroy: iPhone Doctor

Sick of paying high prices to get your iPhone fixed? Luckily there “is” a Doctor in the house in lower Manhattan.

Brendan McElroy , also known as “Dr. Brendan,” is quickly becoming a hero in the iPhone community. After breaking his iPhone screen a year ago and being determined not to pay APPLE’s outrageous repair fee, he decided to fix it on his own. A few iPhone’s later he was ready to start what is now a lucritave business from his own home fixing iPhone and APPLE computer screens.

His mission is to provide APPLE product users with the same quality of device repair for less than half the cost charged in by the store.

Currently averaging about ten iPHONE customers a day, Brendan has fixed over a thousand iPhones and from the look of the guy who’s phone he just fixed – every customer leaves satisfied.

In the fifteen minutes it took him to detach and replace my cracked screen, Brendan told me of his next big venture which will allow his APPLE doctor’s services to reach more customers but the full details are still under lock & key.

With what’s to come, recent press and his customer satisfaction rate, I’m sure Dr. Brendan won’t be submitting any resume’s in the near future but if their smart, APPLE will soon trying to recruit him for their army. However, something tells me he’s happy doing what he does on his own.

Thanks, Doc’, for making my phone new again!

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Brendan visit http://www.drbrendan.com


1 Response to “Brendan McElroy: iPhone Doctor”

  1. 1 Eliseo
    July 27, 2010 at 5:29 pm


    My name is Eliseo or “Cr”. I live in Costa Rica. I love all MAC stuff.

    I need to contact with you, please let me know what number can i call you. I wanna do some business with you about Dr. Iphone 🙂

    email: disenoscreativoscr@yahoo.com

    Thank You,

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