Thanks to the always wonderful music featured on Grey’s Anatomy and a quick google search for episode discography, I am now the proud new fan of a band called THE CIVIL WARS.

The song, “Poison & Wine” is beautiful on so many levels and speaks to the true nature of love, its joys and pains and recognizing the power it posseses.

My search bought me to their video which is as impressive as the song. These two are really on to something! I can’t wait to hear more songs from them. If they’re anything like “Poison & Wine” I have a feeling I’m going to love all their work.

Thanks Grey’s Anatomy for continuing to introduce me to new and moving music. Thank you THE CIVIL WARS for that amazing song.



2 Responses to “Introducing THE CIVIL WARS @THECIVILWARS”

  1. 1 Jules
    March 12, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Mel, I love them!! Thanks so much for posting this. All their shows are down south. I emailed them asking if and when they’re coming up here =) I’m down to go see them and hold your hand and sway back and forth when they do 😉

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