Y’all Come Back Now, Ya’ Hear

It’s two minutes to five – east coast time – and I’m laying here thinking about what a blog “should” be and what mine actually is. Neither answer has come to me yet. If you remember Doogie Howser M.D. typing up his final thoughts at the end of each show then your in the same space that I am searching for the answers.

That place is like a safehaven. It existed before Friendster and MySpace and FaceBook came into existance. It existed before Twitter quickened it’s way into the world and quickened our thoughts – giving you less and less space to be who you wanted to be and for the length you wanted to be it. It’s a place where a young doctor takes a seat before that blue computer screen at the end of his day and sets his thoughts free so that an audience he doesn’t even know exists can catch them, own them for a little bit and set them free once more.

It’s a place where it’s safe to remember what you loved and how you loved it. For me specifically, it’s a place where I don’t have to worry about word counts and content. For you, I’m hoping most of all that it’s a place you can come to for inspiration dip your feet in it and walk away leaving your footprint for the world to see – with a part of me travelling with you.

It’s a place where I can write a thousand Haiku’s and not have to worry about what anyone else is waiting to see but in the same breath post videos of my favorite commercials, toys, and everything else under my sun’s imagination.

It’s a place I hope you’ll come back to time and time again either to find something new or revisit where you’ve already been.

It’s a place where I can be me and you can be you and we can both feel at home.

A place we can call ours. Welcome to The INKWELL ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome home.

Doogie writing

The theme music we all know and love


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