Dear Guru

Dear Guru,

I just spent $1.29 to download your classic “Just 2 Get A Rep” so that I could listen to it while I write this. I raced to YouTube to find the video so my audience can listen to and watch hip hop when it was at it’s best.

I was a child, my godbrother had moved into my apartment for a little when I was a kid. We had bunk beds. He wore 40 below Timberland boots that he would eventually give me so I could go to elementery and floss.

It was before I knew first hand what life would throw at me. It was before so many of my family and friends would eventually leave me because of health, drugs, and the streets. It was back when I loved hip hop with every fiber of my being. It was when you didn’t have to be a thug or a pussy to express your perspective on the streets. It was when skill mattered. It was the day you became king, stayed on repeat for who knows how long. It was the day I first heard this song. Once I learned the lyrics, I never forgot them. I haven’t played the song in years but I’ve always remembered the lyrics line by line since the day I remembered them. You planted a seed in my imagination that I would never let go of. I could close my eyes and listen to this track and literally see the story unfolding before me – I knew it. It was happening up the street from me in Harlem on broadway. It was happening on convent avenue up the street from my school. It was happening down on Lenox where I played basketball. It was happening in Brooklyn on Newkirk where I spent weekends with family. It was happening in the Bronx where I spent summers with my Grandfather. It was happening all over New York City and you whispered that into what is still my favorite track of all time. You made it happen for the world to listen to. You made the moment last forever even as the streets cleaned up and gentrification would make those neighborhood’s safe to walk through when they always weren’t. You did that in this song and you made other classics – but this one belongs to my heart’s memory forever.

Now that I’ve gotten wind of your heart attack, your coma, your scheduled surgery – I pray that you pull through. We’ve already lost so many other great contributers to the world of music in hip hop and soul and every other genre that if you go, a part of me goes with you.

Hold on brother. The WORLD OF HIP HOP is praying for you. Starting with me.

Thank you for EVERYTHING sir.



2 Responses to “Dear Guru”

  1. 1 Alago
    March 1, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Guru is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Thanks for sharing your story.

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