Haiku #340 (suiciders)

I watched a twenty minute lecture by author Elizabeth Gilbert on the TED conference website where she discussed the artistic process and the many setbacks society puts on an artists creativity by taking away from the notion that the “gift” is temporarily shared with these vessels and comes from a greater place – often leading to literal or metaphoric “suicide.”

And this came to me as I watched:

the young, dead artists,
and often at their own hands,
giving up on life.

The post come’s from a very talented artist friend of mine’s latest blog post called “Highs & Lows” where he leads into the Gilbert lecture. Also worth reading. His name is David Brunning – I’ll be writing about him very soon. For now check out his post.



2 Responses to “Haiku #340 (suiciders)”

  1. 1 richbeyondbills
    February 7, 2010 at 10:54 am

    word up! thank you my brother! miss you homie!

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