When Being A Gentleman Goes Terribly Wrong

Your Mother raised you well. You open and hold doors, stay curbside when walking down the street, pull out chairs when your about to sit down to dinner. But your mother never mentioned anything about what to do when you want to give up your seat on the train to a woman you “think” is pregnant but aren’t 100 percent certain if she is.

The man sitting next to me right now just learned the hard way that your best bet is to put your head down and prentend you don’t see anyone around. It ha worked for me on a few unclear occasions.

The train is crowded – he’s got what must feel like a ton of baggage ad finally a seat opens up. He settles in ad notices a woman standing in front of us – taps her, makes a round belly gesture with his hands, asks if she was pregnant and offers her his seat. I look up just in tome to see her face turn read as she rolled her eyes and gave him a stern “NO!”

The funniest thing about it is the woman doesn’t look pregnant at all.

Mother might have taught you well but there’s a few things you have to learn on your own. And I think he just got a free lesson today.

Here’s my stop. Let’s see if I can sneak a pick. I did. Kind of fuzzy but it should do 😉


1 Response to “When Being A Gentleman Goes Terribly Wrong”

  1. 1 Leticia Maldonado
    January 23, 2010 at 6:01 am

    Lol! I’ve been the bystander in that situation before, but the woman actually did look very pregnant! I think the tip off is that pregnant women touch thier bellies alot…. Otherwise keep your head down and keep your seat! Haha 😉

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